Contracting Rules and Tools

Office of Personnel Management

Government Agencies and Employees: Rates of Pay; Adjustments.  (January 8, 2019)

Department of Defense

Defense Contract Management Agency Commercial Item Determination Authority.  (January 7, 2019)

Small Business Administration

Small Business HUBZone Program; Government Contracting Programs.  (December 31, 2018)

Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation

HSAR Case 2017-001:  Rescinding Clause Regarding Small Business Subcontracting Plan Reporting.  (December 28, 2018)

VA Acquisition Regulation

Special Contracting Methods.  (December 27, 2018)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

FAR Case 2017-005:  Whistleblower Protection for Contractor Employees.  (December 26, 2018)

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS Case 2016-D032:  Electronic Submission and Processing of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports.  (December 26, 2018)

DFARS Case 2018-D020:  Foreign Commercial Satellite Services and Certain Items on the Commerce Control List.  (December 26, 2018)

DFARS Case 2018-D060:  Modification of the Limitations on Single-Source Task or Delivery Order Contracts.  (December 26, 2018)

DFARS Case 2017-D011:  Restrictions on Acquisitions From Foreign Sources.  (December 26, 2018)

DFARS Case 2017-D005:  Submission of Summary Subcontract Reports.  (December 26, 2018)


DFARS Case 2018-D023:  Applicability of Inflation Adjustment of Acquisition Related Thresholds.  (December 26, 2018)

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Bid Protests

Government Accountability Office

Adams and Associates, Inc. B-417120, B-417125: Jan 16, 2019.  (January 18, 2019)

Ryan P. Slaughter dba Allied Synergy International
B-417036: Jan 16, 2019. 
(January 18, 2019)

Lawson Environmental Services LLC B-416892, B-416892.2: Jan 8, 2019.  (January 18, 2019)

NCI Information Systems, Inc. B-416926, B-416926.2, B-416926.3: Jan 9, 2019.  (January 18, 2019)

Court of Federal Claims

North South Consulting Group, LLC v. U. S. and Dynamic Systems Technology, Inc.  (January 18, 2019)


Don Mansfield

Plain Language Writing Contest. Read.

Wifcon Blog

Congress Passes Too Much Acquisition Legislation.  Read.

Emptor Cautus

Acquisition Reform ― Itís Soylent Green!  Read.



Government Accountability Office

Global Logistics Providers, LLC B-416843: Dec 26, 2018.  (January 16, 2019)

Court of Federal Claims

Chenega Healthcare Services, LLC vs. U. S. and Kupono Government Services, LLC, No. 18-861C, January 11, 2019.  (January 15, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

Systems Analysis & Integration, Inc. B-416899.2, B-416899.3: Jan 2, 2019.  (January 14, 2019)

DynaLantic Corporation B-416855: Dec 26, 2018.  (January 14, 2019)

TWD & Associates, Inc. B-416834, B-416834.2, B-416834.3: Dec 26, 2018.  (January 14, 2019)

Dehler Manufacturing Company, Inc. B-416819, B-416819.2: Dec 19, 2018.  (January 14, 2019)


Court of Federal Claims

Ultimate Concrete, LLC v. U. S.,  No. 14-549C, January 10, 2019, sustained.  (January 11, 2019)

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Contracting Audits

Government Accountability Office

Transportation Security Acquisition Reform Act: TSA Generally Addressed Requirements, but Could Improve Reporting on Security-Related Technology (January 18, 2019)



The Legislation page is updated.  (January 7, 2019)

Contracting News

The Mitre Corporation

Pop Open MITRE's Toolkit to Discover Pathways to Innovative Thinking (January 15, 2019)

Department of Labor

Texas-Based Contractor Violated Wage Laws on Federally Funded Alabama Highway Project.  (January 9, 2019)

Alabama Roofing Contractor Violated Pay and Benefits Requirements on Federally Funded Project.  (January 9, 2019)

General Services Administration

GSA statement on Old Post Office Tower operations.  (January 7, 2019)

Department of Energy

Preliminary Notice of Violation issued (January 7, 2019)

Contracting Audits

General Services Administration

Evaluation of GSA's Management and Administration of the Old Post Office Building Lease (January 17, 2019)

Department of Defense

Army Corps of Engineers Oversight of Temporary Emergency Power Contracts Awarded for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  (January 10, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

VA Real Property: Clear Procedures and Improved Data Collection Could Facilitate Property Disposals.  (January 10, 2019)

Department of Defense

U.S. Air Forces in Europe Plans for the Procurement and Pre-Positioning of Deployable Air Base Kits.  (January 3, 2019)

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