Contracting Tools and Regulations

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

Procurement List; Additions and Deletions

Department of Energy

Requirements for Accounting System Reviews and Final Indirect Cost Rate Proposal Reviews (August 7, 2020)

The White House

Executive Order on Ensuring Essential Medicines, Medical Countermeasures, and Critical Inputs Are Made in the United States (August 7, 2020)


Contracting Tools and Regulations

The White House

Executive Order on Aligning Federal Contracting and Hiring Practices With the Interests of American Workers.  (August 4, 2020)

Department of Energy

Contracting Officer Responsibilities for the Review of Subcontract Consent Packages, Contractor Purchasing Systems, and Organizational Conflicts of Interest.  (August 3, 2020)

Department of Defense

Temporary Redeployment of Certain Contractor Employees from Iraq and Syria and Request for Information (August 3, 2020)

Department of Health and Human Resources

Designation of Scarce Materials or Threatened Materials Subject to COVID-19 Hoarding Prevention Measures; Extension.  (July 30, 2020)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Information request

Rights in Data and Copyrights.  (July 29, 2020)

Department of Defense

Implementation of the Section 889(a)(1)(B) Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Using Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment.  (July 24, 2020)

Department of Defense SmartPay® 3 Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card Oversight and Reporting - SP3 Transition Memorandum #12.  (July 22, 2020)

Office of Management and Budget

M-20-28:  Buying for America.  (July 21, 2020)

National Park Service

Commercial Visitor Services; Concession Contracts.  (July 20, 2020)

Department of Energy

Class Deviation from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to Eliminate Hard Copy Original Documents, Signatures, Notarization, Seals on Bonds and Other Seals for Certain Contract Requirements (July 20, 2020)

Department of Defense

Procure-to-Pay Standard Operating Procedures for Distributing Receipt Acceptance and Electronic Receipt and Processing of Requests for Payment (“Handshake” 5 & 6) (July 16, 2020)

Office of Management and Budget

M-20-27:  Additional Guidance on Federal Contracting Resiliency in the Fight Against the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)(July 15, 2020)

Federal Acquisition Circular 2020-08

Introduction.  (July 14, 2020)

FAR Case 2019-009:  Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Using Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment.  (July 14, 2020)

Small Entity Compliance Guide.  (July 14, 2020)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Information request

Acquisition of Helium.  (July 13, 2020)

Privacy Training.  (July 13, 2020)

Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Prompt Payment Interest Rate; Contract Disputes Act.  (July 10, 2020)

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Promoting the Sharing of Supply Chain Security Risk Information between Government and Communications Providers and Suppliers.  (July 7, 2020)

Department of Defense

Guidance for Assessment of Other COVID-19 Related Impacts and Costs (July 6, 2020)

FedMall COVID-19 Non-Medical Personal Protective Equipment Contingency Corridor for Small Business (July 6, 2020)

Supplier Performance Risk System for National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-171 Department of Defense Assessment.  (July 6, 2020)

Civilian Agency Acquisition Council

CAAC Letter 2020-05:  CAAC Consultation to Issue a Class Deviation for Implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  (July 6, 2020)

More Rules

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Government Accountability Office

XTec, Inc., B-418619, B-418619.2, B-418619.3, B-418619.4: Jul 2, 2020 (August 7, 2020)



Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

FastShip, LLC v. U. S., 2019-2360, August 3, 2020.  (August 4, 2020)


Government Accountability Office

Patriot Defense Group, LLC, B-418720.3: Aug 5, 2020 (August 6, 2020)

Qbase, LLC, B-417371.4, B-417371.5: Jun 26, 2020 (August 6, 2020)

Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC--Costs, B-417475.7: Jul 21, 2020 (August 6, 2020)

Zeneth Technology Partners, B-418571.6: Jul 24, 2020 (August 3, 2020)

Sarandrea Associates Group Corporation, B-418728: Jun 29, 2020.  (August 3, 2020)

SigNet Technologies, Inc., B-418677: Jul 23, 2020.  (July 31, 2020)

American Energy Logistics Solutions LLC, B-417844.3: Jul 23, 2020.  (July 30, 2020)

Omni2H, LLC, B-418655: Jul 16, 2020.  (July 30, 2020)

Sumaria Systems, Inc.--Costs, B-418440.3: Jul 16, 2020.  (July 30, 2020)

CoreCivic, Inc., B-418620, B-418620.2: Jul 8, 2020.  (July 30, 2020)

Court of Federal Claims

Goldschmitt and Associates, LLC v. U. S. and WITS
Solutions, Inc., No. 20-469C, July 31, 2020
.  (August 3, 2020)

AAR Manufacturing, Inc. d/b/a AAR Mobility Systems v. U. S. and Taber Extrusions, LLC, No. 20-459, July 30, 2020.  (July 31, 2020)

M V M, Inc. v. U. S. and Metropolitan Interpreters and Translators, Inc., No. 20-235C, July 30, 2020.  (July 31, 2020)

ANHAM FZCO v. United States and KGL Food Services, No. 19-1891C, July 27, 2020.  (July 28, 2020)

The Green Technology Group, LLC, No. 19-907C, July 21, 2020.  (July 22, 2020)

Quantico Tactical, Inc. and Unifire, Inc. v. U. S., and Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc.,  Nos. 20-120C & 20-150C, July 17, 2020.  (July 20, 2020)

Government Accountability Office

Al-Shahba General Contracting Establishment, B-418697: Jul 27, 2020.  (July 29, 2020)

Re-Engineered Business Solutions, Inc., B-418640, B-418640.2: Jul 10, 2020.  (July 29, 2020)

Federal Acquisition Services Team OASIS JV, LLC, B-418776: Jul 24, 2020.  (July 28, 2020)

Dawson Solutions, LLC, B-418587, B-418587.2: Jun 19, 2020.  (July 28, 2020)

Eminent IT, LLC, B-418570, B-418570.2, B-418570.3: Jun 23, 2020.  (July 27, 2020)

American Systems Group, B-418667: Jul 23, 2020. (July 27, 2020)

DLF-CPC JV, LLC, B-418581, B-418581.2: Jun 22, 2020.  (July 27, 2020)

Business Integra Technology Solutions, Inc., B-418377.7, B-418377.8, B-418377.9: Jul 7, 2020.  (July 21, 2020)

Avionic Instruments LLC, B-418604, B-418604.2: Jun 30, 2020.  (July 21, 2020)

Colonial Press International, Inc., B-418718: Jul 10, 2020.  (July 21, 2020)

Qwest Government Services, Inc. d/b/a CenturyLink QGS, B-418649, B-418649.2, B-418649.3: Jul 14, 2020.  (July 21, 2020)

Leumas Residential, LLC, B-418635: Jul 14, 2020.  (July 20, 2020)

Mitchco International, Inc., B-418481.3, B-418481.4: Jun 9, 2020.  (July 20, 2020)

Ecology Mir Group--Reconsideration, B-418543.2: Jul 16, 2020.  (July 20, 2020)

Diversified Services Group, Inc., B-418375.2: May 28, 2020(July 17, 2020)

Capital Brand Group, LLC--Reconsideration, B-418656.2: Jul 9, 2020.  (July 16, 2020)

Strategy Consulting Team, LLC, B-418512: Jun 2, 2020.  (July 16, 2020)

DynCorp International, LLC, B-418594,B-418594.2: Jun 23, 2020.  <(July 15, 2020)

General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc., B-418533: Jun 11, 2020.  (July 15, 2020)

Superior Optical Labs, Inc., B-418618, B-418618.2: Jul 7, 2020 (July 15, 2020)

Perspecta Enterprise Solutions, LLC, B-418533.2, B-418533.3: Jun 17, 2020(July 15, 2020)

BluePath Labs, LLC--Reconsideration, B-417960.6: Jul 10, 2020.  (July 14, 2020)

Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation, B-418580: Jun 17, 2020.  (July 14, 2020)

Verizon Business Network Services, Inc., B-418331.3, B-418331.4, B-418331.5: Jul 10, 2020.  (July 14, 2020)


Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

Mission Support Alliance, LLC, CBCA 6477, July 22, 2020. (August 4, 2020)

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

Utah Department of Workforce, ASBCA No. 62563, July 20, 2020.  (July 31, 2020)

Allard Nazarian Group, Inc. dba Granite State Manufacturing,  ASBCA Nos. 62412, 62413, 62414, July 15, 2020.  (July 31, 2020)

Mission Support Alliance, LLC, CBCA 6477, July 22, 2020.  (July 31, 2020)

RBC Construction Corp. ASBCA Nos. 59404, 59962, 60050, 60277, 60851, July 9, 2020.  (July 23, 2020)

Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

Hamstra Chico LLC, CBCA 6669, July 16, 2020.  (July 21, 2020)

HPI/GSA-4C, L.P, CBCA 6093, July 15, 2020.  (July 21, 2020

Court of Federal Claims

The Tolliver Group, Inc., v. U. S., No. 17-1763C, July 14, 2020(July 15, 2020)

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

Superior Construction Company, ASBCA No. 61468, July 1, 2020.  (July 10, 2020)

Arcade Travel, Inc. d/b/a Boersma Travel Services, ASBCA Nos. 62009, 62010, 62076, July 1, 2020. (July 10, 2020)

More Legal

Contracting Reviews, Audits, & Assessments

Government Accountability Office

Defense Workforce: DOD Needs to Assess Its Use of Term and Temporary Appointments (August 7, 2020)

Next Generation Combat Vehicles: As Army Prioritizes Rapid Development, More Attention Needed to Provide Insight on Cost Estimates and Systems Engineering Risks (August 7, 2020)

Contracting News

Coast Guard

Chief Procurement Officer Excellence Awards recognize Coast Guard acquisition achievements (August 6, 2020)

Coast Guard opens access to offshore patrol cutter technical library (August 6, 2020)

Department of Justice

Company President and Employee Arrested in Alleged Scheme to Violate the Export Control Reform Act (August 6, 2020)

Project on Government Oversight

Whistleblowers Said This Company Is a Fake Small Business. It Got a PPP Loan (August 4, 2020)

House of Representatives

Hearing: Hybrid Hearing on "FITARA 10.0.  (August 4, 2020)

Department of Defense

Space Force Chief: DOD Must Work to Ensure Strong Space Industrial Base.  (August 4, 2020)

Department of Labor

Department Hosts Virtual Event to Encourage Recruiting, Retaining Veterans for Contractors and Community-Based Organizations on August 4, 2020.  (August 4, 2020)

General Services Administration

GSA Enters Final Phase Of Multiple Award Schedule Consolidation (August 4, 2020)

General Services Administration

GSA Launches IT Acquisition University.  (July 31, 2020)

Department of Justice

Former BBG Contracting Officer Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Bribery and Honest Services Wire Fraud.  (July 29, 2020)

Contractor agrees to pay $1M to settle allegations related to Air Force’s Small Business Innovation and Research program.  (July 29, 2020)

Department of Labor

Department of Labor and Defense Contractor Reach Agreement To Resolve Alleged Hiring Discrimination.  (July 28, 2020)

Department of Defense

Hypersonics, Counter-Hypersonics Are a Top Priority.  (July 27, 2020)

House of Representatives

Hearing:  F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Ensuring Safety and Accountability in the Government’s Trillion Dollar Investment.  (July 23, 2020)

Department of Justice

State Department Contractor Agrees to Pay Civil Penalties Under the Procurement Integrity Act.  (July 23, 2020)

Defense Contractor to Pay Nearly $1 Million to the United States to Resolve Allegation of Overbilling on NSA Contract.  (July 21, 2020)

California-Based Company, Company President and Employee Indicted in Alleged Scheme to Violate the Export Control Reform Act.  (July 21, 2020)

Project on Government Oversight

The Littoral Combat Ship and the Folly of Concurrency.  (July 20, 2020)

Department of Justice

Federal Aerospace Contractor to Pay $250,000 to 76 Female Employees At Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Facility to Resolve Pay Discrimination Allegations (July 16, 2020)

House of Representatives

Hearing: Reviewing Federal and State Pandemic Supply Preparedness and Response.  (July 15, 2020)

Hearing: Oversight of ICE Detention Facilities: Examining ICE Contractors’ Response to COVID-19(July 15, 2020)

Department of Justice

Maryland Defense Contractor Facing Federal Indictment for Procurement Fraud(July 15, 2020)

Former Department of Defense Contracting Officer and Maryland Woman Charged with Defrauding Government.  (July 13, 2020)

American Contractor Charged as Part of Theft Ring Responsible for Stealing Government Equipment from U.S. Military Base in Afghanistan.  (July 10, 2020)

Department of Defense

Urgent Acquisition Effort Provides Safe COVID-19 Patient Transport in 95 Days.  (July 8, 2020)

Contracting Reviews, Audits, & Assessments

Department of Defense

Air Force Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations and Maintenance Support Contract (August 6, 2020)

Lessons Learned for Department of Defense Acquisition Officials During Acquisition Reform (August 5, 2020)

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Internal Revenue Service's Purchase Card Violations Report.  (August 4, 2020)

Small Business Administration

Evaluation of Certify.SBA.gov.  (July 31, 2020)

Small Business Contracting: Better Documentation and Reporting Needed on Procurement Center Representatives.  (July 31, 2020)

Government Accountability Office

Covid-19 Contracting: Observations on Federal Contracting in Response to the Pandemic.  (July 30, 2020)

Federal Prison Industries: Actions Needed to Evaluate Program Effectiveness.  (July 30, 2020)\

Climate Resilience: Actions Needed to Ensure DOD Considers Climate Risks to Contractors as Part of Acquisition, Supply, and Risk Assessment.  (July 28, 2020)

Nuclear Weapons: Action Needed to Address the W80-4 Warhead Program's Schedule Constraints.  (July 27, 2020)

Department of Energy

Small Business Subcontracting Requirements for Prime Contractors at the Hanford Site.  (July 24, 2020)

General Services Administration

Public Buildings Service’s Green Roof Maintenance and Safety Practices.  (July 24, 2020)

Department of Justice

United States Marshals Service’s Contract Awarded to The GEO Group, Incorporated to Operate the Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility, Lovejoy, Georgia.  (July 24, 2020)

Government Accountability Office

Missile Defense: Assessment of Testing Approach Needed as Delays and Changes Persist.  (July 24, 2020)

General Services Administration

Audit of the GSA Federal Acquisition Service’s New England Region Client Support Center.  (July 22, 2020)

Government Accountability Office

Defense Contractors: Information on Violations of Safety, Health, and Fair Labor Standards.  (July 21, 2020)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA's Management of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program (July 17, 2020)

Department of Health & Human Services

CMS Did Not Administer and Manage Strategic Communications Services Contracts in Accordance With Federal Requirements. (July 17, 2020)

Military Parachutes: Observations on Army and Marine Corps Acquisition Programs. (July 17, 2020)

Department of Justice

Management Advisory Memorandum Concerning the Department of Justice’s Administration and Oversight of Contracts(July 15, 2020)

Postal Service

Management of Highway Contract Route Contractor Failures at the Columbus, OH, P&DC(July 15, 2020)

Department of Defense

Purchases of Ammonium Perchlorate Through Subcontracts With a Single Department of Defense-Approved Domestic Supplier.  (July 14, 2020)

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