Contracting Rules and Tools

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Information request

Labor-Related Requirements (February 21, 2019)


Contracting Rules and Tools

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

Procurement List; Additions and Deletions

Document 1.  (February 15, 2019)

Document 2.  (February 15, 2019)

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS Case 2018-D021:  Amendments Related to General Solicitations.  (February 15, 2019)

DFARS Case 2017-D034:  Antiterrorism Training Requirements for Contractors.  (February 15, 2019)

Appendix A, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Part 1--Charter.  (February 15, 2019)

DFARS Case 2018-D011:  Exemption from Design-Build Selection Procedures.  (February 15, 2019)

DFARS Case 2018-D072:  Extension of Supply Chain Risk Management Authority.  (February 15, 2019)

DFARS Case 2018-D028:  Modification of DFARS Clause "Transportation of Supplies by Sea."  (February 15, 2019)

DFARS Case 2017-D014:  Use of Commercial or Non-Government Standards.  (February 15, 2019)

DFARS Case 2018-D008:  Undefinitized Contract Actions.  (February 15, 2019)

Contracting Rules and Tools

Department of Energy

System for Award Management Non-Federal Entity Registration Process Changes for Financial Assistance.  (February 14, 2019)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Information request

Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 23 Requirements (February 13, 2019)

North Carolina Sales Tax Certification (February 13, 2019)

General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation

GSAR Case 2015-G503:  Construction Contract Administration.  (February 13, 2019)

Department of the Navy

Contract Administration (February 11, 2019)

Contracting by Negotiation (February 11, 2019)

Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses (February 11, 2019)

The White House

Infrastructure Projects; Effort To Strengthen Buy-American Preferences (Executive Order 13858).  (February 5, 2019)

General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation

GSAR Case 2017, G502:  Transition to SBA Mentor-Protégé Program.  (February 3, 2019)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Competition Requirements.  (February 1, 2019)

Department of Defense

Class Deviation 2019-O0006:  Restriction on Acquisition of Certain Magnets and Tungsten
(28 January 2019)

Class Deviation 2019-O0004:  Authority to Acquire Products and Services Produced in Afghanistan or in Countries Along a Major Route of Supply to Afghanistan, Revision 1.  (28 January 2019)

Office of Personnel Management

Government Agencies and Employees: Rates of Pay; Adjustments.  (January 8, 2019)

Department of Defense

Defense Contract Management Agency Commercial Item Determination Authority.  January 7, 2019)

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Government Accountability Office

Ekagra Partners, LLC B-408685.18: Feb 15, 2019.  (February 20, 2019)

Wright & Morrissey B-417105: Feb 15, 2019.  (February 20, 2019)


Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Premier Office Complex of Parma, LLC v. U. S., 2018-1231, February 19, 2019.  (February 20, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

The Lioce Group B-416896: Jan 7, 2019.  (February 15, 2019)

ARP Sciences, LLC B-415318.4: Feb 7, 2019.  (February 14, 2019)

Normandeau Associates, Inc. B-417136: Feb 6, 2019.  (February 14, 2019)

Oracle America, Inc. B-417046: Jan 31, 2019.  (February 14, 2019)

Aircraft & Turbine Support Corporation--Costs B-417145.2: Feb 12, 2019.  (February 13, 2019)

Vertex Aerospace, LLC B-417065, B-417065.2: Feb 5, 2019.  (February 13, 2019)

ActioNet, Inc.--Costs B-416557.3: Feb 4, 2019.  (February 13, 2019)

Advanced Software Systems, Inc. B-414892.2, B-414892.3, B-414892.4, B-414892.5, B-414892.6: Jan 7, 2019.  (February 13, 2019)

Court of Federal Claims

Zeidman  Technologies Inc. vs. U. S., No. 17-1662C, February 11, 2019.  (February 13, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

Matson Navigation Company, Inc. B-416976.2, B416976.3, B-416976.4: Jan 24, 2019.  (February 12, 2019)

Court of Federal Claims

ATSC Aviation, LLC v. U. S. and Pinnacle Solutions, Inc., No. No. 18-1595C, February 11, 2019.  (February 12, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

Second Street Holdings, LLC, B-417006: Jan 17, 2019.  (February 11, 2019)

Veterans2Work, Inc. B-416935: Jan 9, 2019.  (February 11, 2019)

Navarre Corporation B-414962.6, B-414962.7: Oct 22, 2018.  (February 11, 2019)


Court of Federal Claims

State Corps vs. U. S.  No. 14-1121C, February 15, 2019.  (February 19, 2019)

Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

BVB Construction, Inc. CBCA 6318, February 12, 2019.  (February 19, 2019)

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

LKJ Crabbe Inc., No. 60331, January 22, 2019.  (February 8, 2019)

Parsons Evergreene, LLC, No. 58634, January 23, 2019.  (February 8, 2019)

ECC International Constructors, LLC, Nos. 59138, 59586, 59643, 60284, January 24, 2019.  (February 8, 2019)

Highland Al Hujaz Co., Ltd., Nos. 61576, 61577, 61578, 61579, 61580, 61581, 61582, 61657, 61658, 61659, 61660, 61661, 61662, 61663.  (February 8, 2019)

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Contracting News

Department of Labor

Department Investigation Results in Tennessee Construction Contractor Paying $195,193 for Wage and Benefit Violations (February 21, 2019)

Contracting News

Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor Investigations Find Federal Contractors Owe $255,474 to Employees Working on Indiana Housing Project (February 15, 2019)

Department of Justice

Former Federal Employee And Former Director Of Defense Contractor Charged In Fraud Scheme (February 15, 2019)

Department of Labor

Department Develops Voluntary Enterprise-wide Review Program For Top-performing Contractors (February 14, 2019)

Department of Justice

Three Individuals Sentenced to Prison for Their Roles in Bribery Schemes Involving VA Program for Disabled Military Veterans (February 13, 2019)

Former Government Contracting Officer Representative Sentenced to 60 Months in Prison for Conspiracy and Bribery (February 13, 2019)

Department of Labor

Department Recovers $5,579,939 for 993 Employees Who Performed Hurricane Recovery Work in Puerto Rico (February 12, 2019)

Department of Justice

United States Files False Claims Act Suit Against Major DOE Contractor for Inflated Information Technology Subcontract Costs (February 11, 2019)

Executives Convicted of Selling Falsely Labeled Body Armor to U.S. Government (February 11, 2019)

Former U.S. Navy Captain Sentenced in Sweeping U.S. Navy Corruption and Fraud Probe (February 11, 2019)

Department of Defense

DOD Recognizes Acquisition Reformers (February 7, 2019)

Department of Labor

Department Announces New Compliance Assistance Tool (February 7, 2019)

Department of Justice

$3.6 Million Settlement Resolves Procurement Fraud Investigation Against Colorado and Maryland Construction Companies (February 7, 2019)

Former Army colonel, wife sentenced to prison for roles in Fort Gordon fraud, kickback scheme (February 6, 2019)

Contractor to Pay $135,742 to Resolve False Claims Allegations Arising from Improper Testing of U.S. Army Water Samples (February 6, 2019)

Department of Energy

Notice of Intent to Investigate issued.  (February 1, 2019)

The Mitre Corporation

Challenge-Based Acquisition, 4th Edition (January 29, 2019)

Contracting Audits

Department of Defense

Summary and Follow-up Report on Audits of DoD Energy Savings Performance Contracts (February 20, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

Nuclear Waste: DOE Should Take Actions to Improve Oversight of Cleanup Milestones (February 15, 2019)

Contractor Business Systems: DOD Needs Better Information to Monitor and Assess Review Process (February 8, 2019)

Foreign Military Sales: Observations on DOD's Approach to Developing Price and Availability Estimates for Foreign Customers (February 7, 2019)

Department of Justice

Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Supervisory Special Agent for Making False Representations, Working for an FBI Contractor, . . . .  (February 6, 2019)

Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program

Demolition Contractor Dumped Dirt with Construction Debris onto Demolition Sites and Submitted False Claims in TARP’s Hardest Hit Fund Program.  (February 1, 2019)

Government Accountability Office

Prepositioned Stocks: DOD Needs Joint Oversight of the Military Services' Programs.  (February 1, 2019)

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