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Small Business Administration

Tribal Consultation for HUBZone Program Updates and Clarifications and Potential Reforms.   (July 19, 2024)

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

Investment Security Office

Definition of Military Installation and the List of Military Installations in Regulations Pertaining to Certain Transactions by Foreign Persons Involving Real Estate in the United States (July 19, 2024)

Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Prompt Payment Interest Rate; Contract Disputes Act.  (July 18, 2024)

Bureau of Industry and Security

Redesignation of Regulations for Securing the Information and Communications Technology and Services Supply Chain.  (July 18, 2024)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

FAR Case 2024-004:  Combating Trafficking in Persons - Definition and Agency Responsibilities.  (July 18, 2024)

General Services Administration

GSA City Pair Program adds new airline, markets for federal travelers.  (July 17, 2024)

Request for Nominations: Acquisition Policy Federal Advisory Committee.  (July 16, 2024)

NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center

CIO-SP3 and CIO-SP3 Small Business: Extended Through April 2025.   (July 16, 2024)

Department of Energy

Revisions to the Diversity Plan, Acquisition Guide Chapter 70.2671 (July 9, 2024)

Acquisition Guide, Chapter 17.5 Interagency Acquisitions (July 9, 2024)  

Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Agency Information Collection Activities

Novation and Change-of-Name Agreements (July 5, 2024)

General Services Administration

Correction Reduction of Single-Use Plastic Packaging.  (July 5, 2024)

GSAR Case 2022-G513:  Removing the GSA Payments Clause for Non-Commercial Contracts.  (July 3, 2024)

GSAR Case 2022-G506:  Standardizing the Identification of Deviations.  (July 3, 2024)

Department of Transportation

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Implementation Modifications; Corrections (July 3, 2024)

Department of Defense

Organizational Name Change to Defense Pricing, Contracting, and Acquisition Policy (July 3, 2024)

Department of State

Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking:  Contractor and Grantee Counterterrorism Vetting.  (July 1, 2024)

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS Case 2024-D019:  Architect and Engineering Service Fees.  (June 27, 2024)

DFARS Case 2021-D006:  Definition of Material Weakness.  (June 27, 2024)

Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Conformance of Cost Accounting Standards to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Compensated Personal Absence and Depreciation of Tangible Capital Assets (June 27, 2024)

Conformance of Cost Accounting Standards to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for Operating Revenue and Lease Accounting (June 27, 2024)

Federal Acquisition Regulation

FAR Case 2023-008:  Prohibition on Certain Semiconductor Products and Services.  (June 26, 2024)

Part 47: Transportation Requirements (June 22, 2024)   

United States Trade Representative

Request for Comments on Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity-Trade Track. (June 20, 2024)

Department of Energy

Issuance of Class Deviation Addressing Commercial Supplier Agreement Terms that Conflict with or are Incompatible with Federal Law (June 20, 2024)

Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Application of Cost Accounting Standards to Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (June 18, 2024)   

Guidance Addressing Contracting Officer Representative Policies.  (June 18, 2024)   

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Agency Information Collection Activities

Past Performance Information (June 17, 2024)   

Department of Energy

Acquisition Guide, Chapter 7.1, Acquisition Planning.  (June 17, 2024) 


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Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

 Alisud - Gesac Handling - Servisair 2 Scarl v Louis Berger Aircraft Services, Inc., 2023-1087, July 18, 2024 (July 19, 2024)

Government Accountability Office

National Aerospace Solutions, LLC, B-422471, B-422471.2, Jul 02, 2024 (July 19, 2024)



Court of Federal Claims

Rough Terrain Center, LLC v. U. S. and Taylor Defense Products, LLC, No. 24-160, July 16, 2024 (July 18, 2024)

Government Accountability Office

Talion Construction, LLC, B-422299.2, Jul 16, 2024 (July 18, 2024)

Court of Federal Claims

AirBoss Defense Group, LLC and StringKing Lacrosse LLC v. U. S. No. 24-365, July 15, 2024 (July 16, 2024)

AccelGov, LLC and SLICOM v U. S. and ISI-Markon, Nos. 23-693C, 23-720C, and 24-493C, July 11, 2024.   (July 16, 2024)

ELB Services LLC v. U. S., No. 24-529, July 12, 2024 (July 1, 2024)

Barbaricum LLC v. U. S., No. 22-676 C,  May 22, 2024 (July 10, 2024)

Associated Energy Group, LLC, v U. S., No. 23-2047, July 2, 2024 (July 3, 2024)

Government Accountability Office

ViiNetwork, Inc. d/b/a ViiMed, B-422439, Jun 24, 2024  (July 5, 2024) 

RELYANT Global, LLC, B-422475, Jul 01, 2024 (July 3, 2024)

New Generation Solution, LLC, B-422428, Jun 24, 2024. (July 3, 2024)

Hawthorne Commercial Construction, LLC--Reconsideration, B-422032.3, Jul 01, 2024 (July 3, 2024) 

Tygrove Technologies, RLLP, B-422448, Jun 24, 2024 (July 2, 2024)

Sparksoft Corporation, B-422440, B-422440.2, Jun 25, 2024.  (July 1, 2024)

Quantum Ventura, Inc., B-422340.2, B-422341.2, May 28, 2024.  (July 1, 2024)

AttainX, Inc., B-422141.2, Jun 20, 2024.  (July 1, 2024?

Competitive Innovations LLC, B-422500, Jun 27, 2024.  (July 1, 2024)

Herren Associates, Inc., B-422336, B-422336.2, May 08, 2024 (June 28, 2024) 

BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services, Inc., B-420860.4, B-420860.5, B-420860.6, Jun 18, 2024.   (June 27, 2024)

Inalab Consulting, Inc., B-422438,, B-422438.2, B-422438.3, Jun 18, 2024 (June 27, 2024)

Cask Technologies, LLC, B-422437.2, Jun 20, 2024 (June 27, 2024)

UpToDate, Inc., B-422550.2, Jun 24, 2024 (June 26, 2024)

Court of Federal Claims

Accura Engineering and Consulting Services, Inc. v. U. S., No. 22-1592C, June 21, 2024 (June 25, 2024)

PMCG CollaborateUp JV LLC v. U. S., No. 24-79, June 24, 2024 (June 25, 2024)

Government Accountability Office

Science Applications International Corporation, B-422331, B-422331.2, May 10, 2024 (June 24, 2024)

A Square Group, LLC, B-421792.2, B-421792.3, Jun 13, 2024 (June 24, 2024)

DGCI Corporation, B-421830.3, Apr 05, 2024 (June 24, 2024)

Excelsior Ambulance Service, Inc., B-422177.4, Jun 14, 2024 (June 24, 2024)

Eagle Technologies, Inc., B-421357.5, Mar 22, 2024 (June 24, 2024)

Active Deployment Systems, LLC, B-422424, Jun 17, 2024. (June 20, 2024)

Tech Systems, Inc., B-421838.3, B-421838.4, Jun 04, 2024.  (June 20, 2024)

Diltex, Inc., B-422434, Jun 17, 2024.  (June 20, 2024)

Court of Federal Claims

HealthRev, LLC v. U. S. and Ansible Government Solutions, LLC, No. 24-0352, June 13, 2024 (June 20, 2024)   

Trumble Construction Inc., v. U. S. and Pacific Tech Construction, Inc., Case No. 24-164 C, June 12, 2024.  (June 13, 2024)

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Percipient Inc. v. U. S. and CACI, Inc.-Federal, 2023-1970, June 7, 2024.  (June 10, 2024)



Civilian Board of Contract Appeals

Avue Technologies Corp. v. U. S., CBCA 8087(6360)-REM, 8088(6627)-REM, July 1, 2024 (July 15, 2024)

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

International Development Solutions, LLC, 2022-1992, June 26, 2024 (June 27, 2024)

Court of Federal Claims

ASG Solutions Corp. v. U. S., No. 23-1029, June 18, 2024 (June 24, 2024)

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Hahnenkamm, LLC v. U. S., 2022-2018, 2022-2054, June 21, 2024.  (June 24, 2024)

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Department of Justice

Man Sentenced for Selling $3.5M in Counterfeit and Substandard Electronics for Use in Military Systems  (July 19, 2024)

Government Accountability Office

Weapon Systems Annual Assessment:DOD Is Not Yet Well-Positioned to Field Systems with Speed [Reissued with revisions on Jul. 18, 2024] (July 19, 2024)

Nuclear Waste Cleanup:Changes Needed to Address Current and Growing Shortages in Mission-Critical Positions (July 19, 2024)



Department of Justice

Russian International Money Launderer Sentenced to 36 Months in Prison for Illicitly Procuring Large Quantities of U.S.-Manufactured Dual-Use, Military Grade Microelectronics for Russian Entities.  (July 18, 2024)

Federal Acquisition Institute

Acquisition Today.  (July 18, 2024) 

Department of Energy

Immersive Program Arms DOD, Builds Acquisition Professionals' Innovation Skills.  (July 17, 2024)

Enforcement Letter Issued.  (July 15, 2024)

The Coalition for Government Procurement

Competing Global Supply Chain Approaches.  (July 15, 2024)

Professional Services Council

PSC Submits Comments on SBA’s Rule to Eliminate Self-Certification for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses.  (July 15, 2024)


Coalition Air and Missile Defense: Integration and Interoperability.  (July 15, 2024)

Corporation Agree to Pay $101M to Resolve Allegations of Falsely Reporting Rebates.  (July 11, 2024) 

Contractor Admits Guilt in $1.5 Million Bid-Rigging Scheme.   (July 10, 2024)

Department of Defense

DOD Press Briefing Announcing Sentinel ICBM Nunn-McCurdy Decision.  (July 9, 2024) 

Department of Energy

Preliminary Notice of Violation Issued (July 9, 2024)

Department of Justice

Federal Government Employee Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Defraud Local Agencies to Benefit His Private Company.  (July 9, 2024) 

El Paso Contractor Sentenced to Prison for Defrauding Bureau of Prisons (July 9, 2024) 

Former Vice President of Miami Aerospace Company and Accomplice Sentenced to Prison for Involvement in Fraud Conspiracy (July 9, 2024) 


Take it to the Banc:  A General Plea for Increased Consistency and Clarification by Hon. Matthew H. Solomson, Judge, U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  (July 9, 2024)

Simplification, Reform, Streamlining, and Innovation:  The Government Is Immune to Those Things by Vernon J. Edwards.  (July 9, 2024) 


Department of Justice

Former Defense Contractor and His Wife Indicted for Evading U.S. Taxes on Profits from Selling Jet Fuel to U.S. Military (July 5, 2024)

Former National Security Agency Contractor Sentenced To Thirteen Months In Federal Prison For Time And Attendance Fraud (July 5, 2024)

Engineer charged with obstructing a criminal investigation into the cause of the Yanky 72 plane crash (July 5, 2024)

President of Freight Forwarding Company Indicted for Allegedly Smuggling Goods from the United States to Russia (July 5, 2024)

Department of Justice

Former Defense Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Government in Fake Invoices Scheme.  (July 2, 2024) 

The Coalition for Government Procurement

Cyber Harmonization: Making the Regulations Work Together.  (July 1, 2024)

Department of Defense

DOD Completes Flight Test of Hypersonic Missile.  (July 1, 2024)

Department of Labor

Department of Labor begins debt collection against Ohio landscaping company barred from federal worker program after owner allegedly threatened workers.  (June 27, 2024)


Contracting Reviews, Audits, & Assessments

Government Accountability Office

Army Modernization: Actions Needed to Support Fielding New Equipment.  (July 16, 2024)

Department of Energy

The National Nuclear Security Administration’s Energy Savings Performance Contract with NORESCO, LLC at the Pantex Plant.  (July 15, 2024)

Department of Defense

Allegations Concerning Quality Assurance Over Glovebox Procurements at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  (July 11, 2024) 

Department of Defense

DoD Compliance with the Buy American Act for Light Emitting Diode Lighting Improvement Projects.  (July 10, 2024)

Government Accountability Office

Federal Advertising:  Fourteen Percent of Contract Obligations in the Past Decade Went to Small Disadvantaged Businesses and Those Owned by Women and Minorities.  (June 28, 2024)  (June 28, 2024) 

Government Accountability Office

Missile Defense:  Next Generation Interceptor Program Should Take Steps to Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency.  (June 27, 2024)

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