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Quickit - Tools, Web Sites FAR Citation Handbooks & Guides
Regulations for Departments of Agriculture; Commerce; Defense; Air Force; Army; Navy; Navy; Education; Energy; Health and Human Services; Housing and Urban Development; Homeland Security; the Interior; Justice; Labor; State; the Treasury; Transportation; and  Veterans Affairs.

Also regulations for US Agency for International Development; Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled; Defense Information Systems Agency; Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia; Army Corps of Engineers; TRICARE Management Activity; Defense Commissary Agency; Bonneville Power Administration; Coast Guard; Bureau of Land Management; Geological Survey; Federal Aviation Administration; Environmental Protection Agency; Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; General Services Administration; Government Printing Office; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Nuclear Regular Commission; Patent and Trademark Office, and Postal Service.

Agency Acquisition Regulations
(FAR 1.3)

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR):  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions  (CRS)

Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations (809 Panel).  DoD.

Federal Acquisition Institute  (FAI)

Defense Acquisition University

VA Acquisition Academy

Army Acquisition Corps  (Army)

Treasury Acquisition Institute (IRS)

Career Development (FAR 1.6)

Acquisition Workforce Information.  (DOE)

Acquisition Career Management.  (FAA)

Acquisition Certifications Program (ACP) Handbook.  (4th Edition, April 2013) (1.5MB, pdf)  (DOE)

Contracting Officer Warranting Program Model:  Considerations for Developing an Individualized Organizational Approach.  (pdf)  (DoD)

Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C).  (pdf)  (5/7/14)  (OFPP)

Increasing Efficiencies in the Training, Development, and Management of the Acquisition Workforce.  (pdf)  (9/3/13)  (OFPP)

Attracting Talent to the Acquisition Workforce.  (pdf)  (OFPP)

Career Management  (USDA)


Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)
(FAR 1.604)

Defense Contingency COR Handbook, Version 2.  (DoD)  (September 2012)  

Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (FAC-COR).  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

The Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer Technical Representatives  (pdf)  (November 26, 2007)  (OFPP)

Contracting Officer’s Representative Guide  (pdf)  (September 2011)  (DoD Security Cooperation Agency)

Anthology of Commercial Terms and Conditions


Air Force Research Laboratory's Acronyms 

DoD Dictionary of Military Terms

Glossary of Defense Acronyms and Terms

Definitions of Words and Terms
(FAR Part 2)


Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest
(Part 3)

Ethics and Procurement Integrity.  (pdf)  Office of Government Ethics  (OGE)

Interacting with Government Employees for Contractors  Training Module.  (2011)  (OGE)

Working with Contractors: What You Need to Know WBT  Training Module.  (2008)  (OGE)

Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure  (2016)  (DoD)

SAM System for Award Management

Federal Service Desk

BINCS — The Business Identification Number Cross-reference System.

Construction Waste Management Database.

e-Buy (GSA)

eOffer.  (GSA - FAS)

Edgar.  (SEC)

Dun & Bradstreet.

HUBZone Gateway — Contracting Officers HUBZone Gateway.  (SBA)

Registered Identification Number Database.  (FTC)

SBA's Sub-Net.

WebFLIS - an online search system for several public segments of the USA Federal Logistics Database for codified supplies that are represented by a permanent National Stock Number (NSN).

Electronic Commerce in Contracting
(FAR 4.5)

Contract File Checklists.  (HHS)

Acquisition Templates.  (HHS)

Contracting Roadmap (DoD Security Cooperation Agency)  [Someone did a lot of work with this process.]

Government Contracting Classroom.  (SBA)  [This site provides brief online training courses for contracting officers about some SBA program]

Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation 


Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Subaward Reporting System (FSRS)

Contract Reporting
(FAR 4.6)

Improving Small Business Procurement Data – Quality and Process.  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

Improving Sustainable Acquisition and Reporting.  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

Improving Federal Procurement Data Quality - Guidance for Annual Verification and Validation.  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)


Contract File Closeout
(FAR 4.8)

Defense Contract Management Agency Contract Closeout Guidebook  (DCMA)  (2011) 

DCMA contract closeout  (DCMA) (2012)

Contract Closeout Guide  (HHS)


Representations and Certifications
(FAR 4.12)




Commerce Business Daily - Bulk Data (GPO)

State and Local

State Contracting Sites


MERX--Canada's Electronic Tendering Service

buyandsell.gc.ca  (Canada)

TED - Tenders Electronic Daily (European Union)

GeBIZ Partner (Singapore)

European Defence Agency

Publicizing Contract Actions
(FAR 5)




Broad Agency Announcement Information Delivery System  B.I.D.S.

FAA Opportunities

NASA's Procurement Management System

Navy Electronic Commerce Online


Availability of solicitations
(FAR 5.102)

Interagency Contract Directory


Multi-Agency Contract

Publicizing Multi-Agency Use Contracts
(FAR 5.6)


(FAR 6)

Enhancing Competition in Federal Acquisition.  (OFPP) (May 31, 2007)  (pdf)

Contract Bundling
(FAR 7.107)

Benefit Analysis Guidebook: A Reference to Assist Department of Defense Acquisition Strategy Teams in Performing a Benefit Analysis before Bundling Contract Requirements  (pdf)  (October 2007)  (DoD)

(FAR 7.3)

Procurement List Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

DLIS link — Source for several supply links.

NATO Codification.

Required Sources of Supplies and Services
(FAR 8)

Strategic Acquisition Transactions:  A Guide for Using Federal Supply Schedules Contracts, Multiple Award Contracts, and Government-wide Agency Contracts.  (pdf)  (November 2010)  (Department of Energy)

Improving Acquisition through Strategic Sourcing.  (pdf)  (December 5, 2012)  (OFPP)

VA Federal Supply Schedule Program

GSA Advantage

Schedules Sale Query.  (GSA)

Federal Supply Schedules
(FAR 8.4)

MAS Desk Reference  (GSA)

Vendor Support Center  (GSA's Federal Acquisition Service)

Blanket Purchase Agreements.  (GSA)

List of Excluded Individuals/Entities Search.  (Department of Health and Human Services)

Suspension & Debarment
(FAR 9.4)

OFPP Memorandum on Contractor Responsibility Determinations and Indefinite Delivery Contracts (pdf) (2002)

Department of the Air Force - Contractor Responsibility.

Army Procurement Fraud Branch  (Army Judge Advocate General's Corps)

38 USC 8127 Debarments - (Department of Veterans Affairs)


Market Research
(FAR 10.0)

Market Research Guide  (pdf)  (June 2010)  (DoD Security Cooperation Agency)

Market analysis.  (FAA)

ASSIST Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System. (Account Required) 

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards Publications.  (NIST)

HEDRS Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) Equipment Data Research System.  (Navy)

MEDALS — Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System  (DLA)

National Standards System Network  (Maintained by American National Standards Institute)

Requirements Documents
(FAR 11)

Automated Requirements Roadmap Tool  (DAU)  2012

Guide to Specification Writing.  (NAVAIR)

Appropriate Use of Brand name or Equal Purchase Descriptions.  (pdf) (2007) (OFPP)

OFPP memorandum on Use of Brand Name Specifications  (2005)

Conference Planning Guide.  (DOJ)

Best Practices Guide for Conferences.  (EPA)

SOW Preparation Guide.  (FAA)


Acquisition of Commercial Items
(FAR 12)

Commercial Item Handbook Version 2.0 (DoD) 

The commercial preparation solicitation guide.  (DAU)

OFPP Memorandum on Applicability of FAR Part 12 to Construction Acquisitions (2003)

OFPP Memorandum on Utilization of Commercially Available Online Procurement Services. (2004)


Purchase Card
(FAR 13.301)

Preventing Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in Use of Government Charge Cards. (pdf) (OMB)

Improving the Management of Government Charge Card Programs.  Appendix B to OMB Circular A-123  (pdf)  (1/15/09)  (OMB)

SmartPay (GSA)

Purchase and Fleet Cards  (USDA)


Source Selection
(FAR 15.1, 2 & 3)

"Myth-Busting 2"; Addressing Misconceptions and Further Improving Communication During the Acquisition Process (OFPP)  (pdf)  (2012)

"Myth-Busting": Addressing Misconceptions to Improve Communication with Industry during the Acquisition Process  (OFPP)  (pdf)  (2011)

Department of Defense Source Selection Procedures.  (7.3MB, pdf)  (April 1, 2016)  (Department of Defense)

Army Source Selection Supplement (December 21, 2012) (pdf) (Army)

Competitive Proposal Evaluation (Navy)

Oral Presentations in Contracting by Negotiation  (pdf)  (Air Force)

Source Selection Guide  (pdf)  (DOE)

Source Selection Plan Guidance and Template (pdf)  (USAID)


Contract Pricing
(FAR 15.4)

Contract Pricing Reference Guides  (DAU)

Pricing Handbook.  (FAA)

Independent Government Cost Estimate Guide and Template.  (pdf)  (4/2/13)  (USAID)

GSA's Public Building Service Pricing Desk Guide, 4th Edition.  (pdf)

Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging (Organization for Economic Coperation and Developent)


Contract Types
(FAR 16.0)

Guidance on Using Incentive and Other Contract Types.  (2MB, pdf)

Award Fee Guide.  (pdf)  (10/8)  (Air Force)

Award Fee Board Member Guide  (word)  (9/03)  (Army Contracting Agency)

Award Fee Guide (Navy)

Award Fee Contracting Guide  (NASA)

Guidance on Award Fee Contracting  (pdf) USAID

GWACS, MACS And Others


Interagency Contract Directory

Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) - (GSA)






Eagle II, First Source  (DHS)


ESPCs, Utility Energy Service Contracts, Power Purchase Agreements, etc.  (DOE)

GSA Advantage




Rapid Spacecraft Development Office  (NASA)

SeaPort (Navy)


Price Watch - (commercial price site)


Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Office Supplies Third Generation (FSSI OS3) - (GSA)

State and Local

U. S. Communities

Western States Contracting Alliance

The Cooperative Purchasing Network

Indefinite Delivery Contracts
(FAR 16.5)

Development, Review and Approval of Business Cases for Certain Interagency and Agency-Specific Acquisitions.  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

Best Practices for Multiple Award Task and Delivery Order Contracting  (OFPP)

Interagency Contract Directory.


Interagency Acquisitions

(FAR 17.5)

Responding to solicitations under DOE’s Work for Others Program (WFO)  (DOE)  (October 2012)

Interagency Acquisitions.  (70 pages)  (OFPP)  (June 6, 2008)

Interagency Agreement Reference Tool.  (Army)  (pdf)


Emergency Acquisitions
(Par 18.0)

Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook, Version 5.  (July 2015)  (DPAP)

Contingency Contracting.   Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP)

Emergency Acquisition Guide (OFPP) (May 2007) (pdf)

HUBZone Program

HUBZone Search

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

SIC Code-Search

NAICS to NAICS to NAICS - Concordances - (Census)


Small Business Programs
(FAR 19.0)

Increasing Opportunities for Small Businesses in Purchase Card Micro-Purchases  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

Increasing Small Business Participation in Federal Contracting  (OFPP) (2011)  (pdf)


Dynamic Small Business Search  (SBA)

SBA's Help for Contracting Officers

Sample Mentor/Protégé Agreement Template.  SBA.


eSRS – Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System


The Small Business Subcontracting Program
(FAR 19.7)

A Handbook for Small Business Liaison Officers.  (pdf)  (June 2010)  (SBA)

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program
(FAR 19.14)

Contracting with Service-Disabled Veterans' Businesses (OMB) (2004)

Vets First Verification Program.  (VA)

Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Contracting Program.  (SBA)

Davis-Bacon Electronic Submission of WD-10

National Pre-award Registry

Service Contract Act Occupations

Wage Determinations OnLine Program

VETS 100/100A Federal Contractor Reporting

Labor Laws
(FAR 22.0)

Contract Labor Standards & Relations.  (Navy) 

Davis-Bacon And Service Contract Act Data Collection  (DOL)

Government Contracts - Construction Surveys (DOL)

Office of the Administrative Law Judges Benchbooks and Deskbooks. (DOL)

Field Operations Handbook  (DOL)

Compliance Assistance — McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act  (DOL)

Compliance Assistance — Help Navigating DOL Laws and Regulations  (DOL)

PACT - "an automated method of accurately calculating SCA price adjustments"   (DOL)

Contractor Guide to the Davis Bacon Act (December 2013)  (Navy)  (docx file)


Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services  (EPA)

Green Products Compilation  (OFEE)

Integrating Green Purchasing Into Your Environmental Management System (EMS)  (EPA)


Environment, Energy Efficiency
(FAR 23)

Green Building Certification System Review.  (GSA) 

Supporting Energy and Sustainability Goal Achievement Through Efficiency and Deployment of Clean Energy Technology  (OMB)  (2011)  (pdf)

Department of Defense Green Procurement Program Strategy.  (pdf)  (11/08)  (DoD)

Sustainable Acquisition (DOE)

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability Software  (DOC)

Energy Savings Performance Contracts  (DOE)

Environmental Purchasing in the National Park Service.  (About 12MB, pdf) (NPS)

Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines  (EPA)


Freedom of Information Act
(FAR 24.2)

Freedom of Information Act Guide, May 2004  (DOJ)

Joint Committee Print.  Freedom of Information Act and Amendments of 1974  (P.L. 93-502).  Source Book:  Legislative History, Texts, and Other Documents.  (24MB)  (pdf)

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

NASA's New Technology Reporting System  (NASA)

National Security Agency Technology Transfer Program

Global Technology Network

Interagency Edison  (for invention portfolios)

Patents, Data, Copyrights
(FAR 27.0)

Intellectual Property:  Navigating Through Commercial Waters  (pdf)  (DoD)

Prosecuting Intellectual Property Crimes Manual  (DOJ) 

Approved Sureties

Sureties and Other Security for Bonds
(FAR 28.2)


Cost Principles
(FAR 31.0)

Selected Areas of Cost guidebook:  FAR 31.2 Cost Principles.  (DCAA)  (10/2016)

FAR Cost Principle Guide (pdf)  (DCAA)

Indirect Cost Rate Determination Guide  (DOL)

Navigation the Sea of Overhead.  (pdf)  (2001)  (Defense Systems Management College)

Bona Fide Needs Rule

The FAST Book:  Federal Account Symbols and Titles.

Prompt Pay Interest Rate

(FAR 32.0)

Extension of Policy to Provide Accelerated Payment to Small Business Subcontractors.  (pdf)  (July 11, 2013)  (OFPP)

Obligational Consequences of Federal Contracts.  (GAO)  (Includes several contract types, obligation requirements and references.)

The Judge Advocate General's School Contract Attorneys Deskbook and Fiscal Law Deskbook.  (Army)

Bid Protests - GAO

Search Bid Protest Docket

(FAR 33.1)

Bid Protests at GAO - A Descriptive Guide  (pdf)

GAO Bid Protest Regulations

Guide to GAO Protective Orders

Wifcon.com's GAO statistics since 1997

Wifcon.com's Bid Protests


Disputes & Appeals
(FAR 33.2)

Second Edition of the Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  (ADR.gov)  May 2016

Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Reference Book

Navy: Use of Binding Arbitration for Contract Controversies.  SECVAV Instruction 5800.15

Major Systems Acquisition
(FAR 34.0)

Major Systems Acquisition Manual  (pdf)  (Coast Guard)

Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Acquisition Guidelines (pdf)  (DMEA)

Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence.  (Navy)

Commercial Operations & Support Savings Initiative  (DoD)

Earned Value Management System (EVMS) System-Level Surveillance (DCMA)

Handbook on Work Breakdown Structure  (MIL-HDBK-881, 30 July 2005)  (DoD)

A Manager's Guide to Technology Transition in an Evolutionary Acquisition Environment  (pdf)  (DoD)

Open Systems Joint Task Force  (DoD)

Program Manager's Workstation  (Navy)

Integrated Product Team Learning Campus  (Navy)

Cost and Economics Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army  (Army)

Operating and Support Cost-Estimating Guide  (Dod)

Naval Center for Cost Analysis (Navy)

Cost Estimating Website  (NASA)

Broad Agency Announcements
(FAR 35.016)

Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) —  Industry Guide  (Air Force)
Federal Lands Highways Resources

Construction Waste Management Database.

Inventory of Owned and Leased Properties (GSA - PBS)

FRPP Federal Real Property Profile (GSA)

Rent on the Web (GSA - PBS)


Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts
(FAR 36.0)

Non-construction Contracts Containing Construction Work.  (Navy)  (August 2012)

Design-Build Construction Contracts  (USACE)

SpecsIntact  (NASA, NAVFAC, and USACE)

Unified Facilities Guide Specifications  (AFCESA, NASA, NAVFAC, and USACE)

Office of Facilities Management Library  (VA)

CAD Standards Library.  (GSA - PBS)

3D-4D Building Information Modeling.  (GSA - PBS)

Historic Preservation - Project management Tools.  (GSA - PBS)

Service Contracting
(FAR 37)

Reduced Contract Spending for Management Support Services  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

Performance-Based Acquisition

Office of Federal Procurement Policy Performance-Based Service Acquisition.

Using Performance-Based Acquisition to Meet Program Needs — Performance Goals, Guidance, and Training. (pdf) (OFPP) (May 22, 2007)

Guide for the Preparation and Use of Performance Specifications (.pdf)  (Army)

Performance-Based Acquisitions  (USAEC)

Guidebook for Performance-Based Services Acquisition December 2000 (PBSA) (.doc)  (DoD)

Performance Based Work Statements and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans  (DOI)

Guidance for Writing Work Statements  (NASA)

Guide to Best Practices for Performance-based Service Contracting  10/98  (OFPP)

A Guide for Writing and Administering Performance Statements of Work for Service Contracts.  Pamphlet No. 4.  (OFPP)

Performance-Based Service Acquisition:  Contracting for the Future (July 2003)  (OFPP)

Seven Steps to Performance-Based Services Acquisition  (OFPP)

Performance-Based Contracting in the Air Force:  A Report on Experiences in the Field  (Rand)

The Performance-Based Management Handbook  (ORAU)

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan -  (Includes Samples)  (4.3 MB, pdf)  (Army 2012)

Buyaccessible.gov  (Section 508)

Electronic and Information Technology
(FAR 39)

Contracting Guidance to Support Modular Development (OMB)  (June 2012)  (pdf)

25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Management Technology.  (CIO)  (2010)  (pdf)

Guidance for Specialized Information Technology Acquisition Cadres.  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

Software Assurance in Acquisition and Contract Language, Acquisition and Outsourcing Volume I – (Version 1.1 July 31, 2009)  (Department of Homeland Security)

Software Supply Chain Risk Management & Due-Diligence,  Acquisition and Outsourcing Volume II – (Version 1.2 June 16, 2009) (Department of Homeland Security) 

Ensuring New Acquisitions Include Common Security Confirgurations (OMB, OFPP)  (June 1, 2007, M-07-18)

Federal IT Accessibility Initiative  (GSA)

Buy Accessible Wizard  (GSA)

IT Dashboard  (OMB)

Utility Energy Service Contracts.

Utility Services
(FAR 41.0)

Federal Audit Clearinghouse - A133

Contract Administration
(FAR 42.0)

Making Better Use of Contractor Performance Information.  (pdf)  (7/10/14)  (OFPP)

Improving the Collection and Use of Information about Contractor Performance and Integrity.  (pdf)  (3/6/13)  (OFPP)

DoD Contracting Officer's Representative Handbook.  (pdf, 5.2MB)  (March 29, 2012)

Guide to Best Practices for Contract Administration  (OFPP)



Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program  PQDR

Contractor Performance Information
(FAR 42.15)

Improving Contractor Past Performance Assessments: Summary of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy's Review, and Strategies for Improvement.  (OFPP)  (2011)  (pdf)

A Guide to Collection and Use of Past Performance Information  (DoD)

Best Practices for Collecting and Using Current and Past Performance Information (May 2000)  (OFPP)

Indirect Costs
(FAR 42.7)

Indirect Cost Management Guide  (Defense Systems Management College)

Contractors’ Purchasing Systems Reviews 
(FAR  44.3)

Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) Guidebook  (Defense Contract Management Agency)

(FAR 46.7)

Department of Defense Warranty Guide, Version 1.0
Standard Forms

(FAR 53)

Other Helpers

Airport Status
Currency Translator
GSA Travel Site

Weather Channel

National Weather Service


Babel Fish Translator
Bureau of Industry and Security
Census Bureau Population and Household Topics
Fedex Tracking
Internet Public Library
Martindale's Calculators
Canada's Business Information Site
UPS Tracking
USPS Express Mail Tracker
USPS Postage Price Calculator
USPS Zip Code Look-up
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
World Time

Little Helpers

Rules & Tools


Small Business