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Executive Office of the President
Office of the President      

Executive Orders:

Office of Federal Procurement Policy      

Policy Letters

Other Policy

Office of Management and Budget       Bulletins


Government-wide Acquisition Regulation
Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR 48.1-51


Acquisition.gov FAR Case Status

Older FACS,

Forms Library

Contract Pricing Reference Guides

Wifcon.com's FAR Research Tool,

Agency Hill AFB eCFR Title Agency Site Other Rules and/or Tools


Agriculture AGAR 48.400-499 AGAR Advisories

Departmental Procurement Regulations and Notices

Commerce CAR 48.1300-1399   Policy Library

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Defense DFAR 48.200-299 DFAR and PGI DFAR Case Status

Class Deviations

DoD Issuances: Directives, Instructions, etc.

Departmental Forms

Air Force AFFAR      
Army AFAR 48.5100-5199   Administrative publications
Navy NMCAR 48.5200-5299 NMCAR  
Education EDAR 48.3400-3499 EDAR  
Energy DEAR 48.900-999 DEAR Guidance for Procurement Officials
Health and Human Services HHSAR 48.300-399 HHSAR Policies and Guidance
Housing and Urban Development HUDAR 48.2400-2499 HUDAR Resources
Homeland Security HSAR 48.3000-3099 HSAR Provisions and clause matrix, Acquisition manual, etc.
Interior DIAR 48.1400-1499   Etc.
Justice JAR 48.2800-2899    
Labor DOLAR 48.2900-2999    
State DOSAR 48.600-699    
Treasury DTAR 48.1000-1099   Policy and Regulations

Listing of Approved Sureties

Renegotiation Board Interest Rate; Prompt Payment Act Interest Rate; Contract Dispute Act Interest Rate

Transportation TAR 48.1200-1299 TAR Policy Letters
Veterans Affairs VAAR 48.800-899 VAAR Portal for Business

VA Federal Supply Schedule Service

Agency Hill AFB eCFR Title Agency Site Other Rules and/or Tools


Ability One       General Policies

Policy Memoranda

Compliance Manual

Procurement Guidebook

Procurement List

Agency for International Development AIDAR 48.700-799   Automated Directives System
Army Corps of Engineers     EFAR (pdf) Instructions, Project Labor Agreements
Bonneville Power Administration     BPI  
Broadcasting Board of Governors IAAR 48.1900-1999    
Coast Guard       Manual, Handbook, etc.
Cost Accounting Standards Board   48.9900-9999    
DCAA       Guidance, Checklist, Tools
Defense Health Agency

(Formerly TRICARE)

      Acquisition Policy and Procedures

Policy Alerts

Desktop Reference Guide

DLA DLAD 48.5400-5499 DLAD  
Environmental Protection Agency EPAAR 48.1500-1599   Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines CPG Program 
Federal Aviation Administration     AMS FAA Acquisition System Toolset (FAST)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation     APM Acquisition Policy and Forms
Federal Employees Health Benefits FEHBAR 48.1600-1699    
Federal Employees Group Life LIFAR 48.2100-2199    
Forest Service       Forest Service Manual:  6300 - Procurement Management.

Forest Service Manual:  Field Issuances

Forest Service Handbooks:  Management Services

General Services Administration GSAM 48.500-599 GSAM General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM)

Federal Management Regulation (FMR)


Geological Survey       Survey Manual Chapter 400 - 405, Procurement and Contracting Management

Instructional Memoranda

Government Printing Office     Printing Procurement Regulations  
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NFS 48.1800-1899 NFS Directives, Procurement, Small Business, and Industrial Relations
National Institutes of Health       Forms and Documents
National Science Foundation   48.2500-2599    
Nuclear Regular Commission NRCAR 48.2000-2099    
Patent and Trademark Office     PTAG  
Personnel Management   48.1700-1799   Contracting Policies, Samples and Templates
Postal Service     SPs and Ps  
Special Operations Command SOFAR      
Social Security Administration   48.2300-2399   Clauses
Rules & Tools


Small Business




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