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4 CFR 21.0 (a)

New  Interested Party, Standing

4 CFR 21.0 (a) (2)

A-76 Interested party

4 CFR 21.0 (a)

New Prejudice

4 CFR 21.0 (f)

Protest filing time.

Filing a Protest

4 CFR 21.1(c)(4)

Statement of the Legal and Factual Grounds of a Protest

GAO Sanctions, COFC: Rule 11

New  GAO Sanctions; COFC, Rule 11, Signing of Pleadings, Motions, and Other Papers; Representations to Court; Sanctions

Time for Filing

4 CFR 21.2

New Timeliness of Protest 

4 CFR 21.2(c)

Protest Raises Issues Significant to the Procurement System
Submission of Agency Report

4 CFR 21.3

New Notice of protest, submission of agency report, and time for filing of comments on report.
Protective Orders

4 CFR 21.4

Protective Orders
Protest Issue Not for Consideration
4 CFR 21.1(a)

A Contract for the Procurement of Property or Services

4 CFR 21.5 

General Jurisdiction

4 CFR 21.5 (a)

New Contract Administration

4 CFR 21.5 (b)

Small Business Administration [Department of Veterans Affairs] Issues

4 CFR 21.5 (c)

Affirmative Determination of Responsibility by Contracting Officer

4 CFR 21.5 (d)

Procurement Integrity — Timeliness

4 CFR 21.5 (f)

New Lack of Detailed Statement of the Legal and Factual Grounds of Protest

4 CFR 21.5 (g)

New Procurements by Agencies Not Defined in 40 U.S.C. 472 and 28 U.S.C. § 1491

4 CFR 21.5 (h)


4 CFR 21.5 (i)

Suspensions and Debarments

4 CFR 21.5 (j)

Protester's Proposal Should Not Have Been in Competitive Range

4 CFR 21.5

New Task or Delivery Order under Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contract
Withholding of Award

4 CFR 21.6

New Withholding Award, Suspending Contract Performance, Override of Stay, Injunction
Hearings Supplementing Record, and Completion of Record

4 CFR 21.7

Hearings, Supplementing the Record, Completion of Record, Discovery

4 CFR 21.8

New Corrective Action Taken by Agency

4 CFR 21.8 (a) (6)

Such other recommendation(s) as determined necessary

4 CFR 21.8 (d)

New Payment of Protester's Costs

4 CFR 21.8 (e)

New Payment of Protester's Costs -- Corrective Action
Effect of Judicial Proceedings

4 CFR 21.11

New Issue Before Federal Court
Nonstatutory Protests

4 CFR 21.13 (a)

Agreement in Writing from "Other Than" Federal Agencies
Request for reconsideration

4 CFR 21.14 (a)

Request for reconsideration

4 CFR 21.14 (b)

Timeliness Of Request for reconsideration

 FAR 33.104

Agency Does Not Follow GAO’s recommendation


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