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Class Deviations


Class Deviations

Contracting Officers



Definitions of Words and Terms

     2.101 Definitions - Contract
     2.101 Definitions - Offer

Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest

     3.101  Standards of conduct - Government independence, bias, lack of bias
     3.104-4 (b) Prohibition on obtaining procurement information
     3.4 Contingent Fees
     3.501 Buying-in or below cost prices
     3.601 Contracts with Government Employees
Administrative Matters
     4.11 New System for Award Management
     4.18 Commercial and Government Entity Code, Data Universal Numbering System Number

Publicizing Contract Actions

     5.101 Disseminating contract action information
     5.101 Offerors' responsibility to obtain solicitation documents
     5.102 Availability of Solicitations
     5.2 Synopsis of Proposed Contract Actions, Publicizing and Response Time

Competition Requirements

     6.001  New Competition:  Modifications, beyond the scope
     6.102 Use of competitive procedures
     6.202 Establishment or maintaining alternative sources
     6.301 (c) Lack of advance planning
     6.302 New Exceptions to Full and Open Competition
     6.302-1 (a) (2) (i) Unsolicited Proposals
     6.303 Justifications
     6.401 Preference for sealed bidding

Acquisition Planning

     7.105 Content of Acquisition Plans
     7.107 New Bundling and consolidation

Required Sources of Supplies and Services

     8.001  Priorities for use of Government supply sources
     8.402 Federal Supply Schedules - Authorized Price List
     8.404 New Using Federal Supply Schedules
     8.405-2 Ordering procedures for services requiring a statement of work
     8.405-3 New Blanket purchase agreements
     8.405-6 Sole Source Justification and Approval - Federal Supply Schedules
     8.700 Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act

Contractor Qualifications

     9.103  Responsibility determination 
     9.104-1 General standards of responsibility
     9.104-2 Special standards of responsibility
     9.108 Prohibition on contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations
     9.203 Qualified Products
     9.207 (a) Qualification Requirements, Change in Ownership, Location, etc.


Debarment, Suspension, and Ineligibility
     9.500 Organizational and Consultant Conflict of Interest
Market Research
     10.002 Market Research Procedures

Describing Agency Needs

     11 New Describing agency needs - Ambiguity
     11 New Describing agency needs - Latent ambiguity
     11 Describing agency needs - Defective or inadequate specifications and descriptions
     11.104 New Brand name or equal
     11.002 (a) (1) Describing needs - restrictive provisions
     11.501 Liquidated damages

Acquisition of Commercial Items

     12.101 New Conducting market research to determine whether commercial items or nondevelopmental items are available
     12.102 Commercial item acquisition:  Commercial item determination
     12.301 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses for the acquisition of commercial items.
     12.302 Tailoring and use of FAR clauses
     12.403 Termination
     12.602 Streamlined Evaluation of Offers

Simplified Acquisition Procedures

     13.0 Scope of part
     13.101(b)1 "All-or-none" or "multiple award"
     13.104 Promoting competition
     13.105 Synopsis and posting requirements
     13.106-1(b) Soliciting from a single source
     13.106-2 New Evaluation of quotations or offers
     13.303 Blanket Purchase Agreements
     13.5 New Test for certain commercial items

Sealed Bidding

     14.201 Patent ambiguity - bidders duty to inquire
     14.201-8 Price related factors
     14.202-5 Descriptive literature
     14.208 New Amendment - Materiality
     14.208 (b) Bidding Time After Amendment
     14.208 (c) Same information provided to all bidders
     14.304 Bidder's submission, modification, and withdrawal of bids
     14.404-1 Cancellation of invitation for bids
     14.404-2 (a) Responsive in all material respects
     14.404-2 (g) Materially unbalanced bid
     14.404-5 All or none bids
     14.405 Minor informalities or irregularities in bids
     14.407 Mistakes in bid
     14.408 Equal Low Bids

Contracting by Negotiation

     15.101 Source Selection Processes and Techniques
     15.102 Oral presentations
     15.206 (a) New Changed requirements and/or solicitation amendment
     15.206 (e) New Cancellation of solicitation


Handling proposals and information
     15.208 Submission of proposals - Format and Substance
     15.208 (b) Submission of proposals - Late
     15.209 (a) (2)  Alternate proposals
     15.303 Evaluation team, Source Selection Plan
     15.304 (c) (1) Price or cost evaluation factor requirement
     15.304 (d) Importance of factors and significant subfactors in solicitation
     15.305 New Unacceptable or offers not in compliance with solicitation
     15.305 (a) New Evaluation based solely on factors and subfactors specified in solicitation
     15.305 (a) Rating method or combination of methods
     15.305 (a) (2) Past performance/Experience - General
     15.305 (a) (2) (ii) Past performance/Experience - Relevance, problems encountered, corrective actions, government consideration of sources
     15.305 (a) (2) (iii) New Past performance/Experience - key personnel, predecessor companies, subcontractors, teams, affiliates
     15.305 (a) (2) (iv) Past performance - Neutral rating
     15.305 (a) (3) New Technical evaluation - evaluators' scoring
     15.305 (a) (3) Technical evaluation - documentation
     15.305 (a) (3) Technical Evaluation - Key personnel - Bait and switch - Material Misrepresentation - Letters of Commitment

     15.305 (a) (4)

Cost information provided to members of the technical evaluation team.
     15.306 (a) Clarifications and award without discussions
     15.306 (a) (2) Clarification - Government's duty to inquire
     15.306 (b) Communications with offerors before establishment of the competitive range
     15.306 (b) (4) Past performance - opportunity to respond to adverse information

     15.306 (c) (1) (2)

Competitive range
     15.306 (d) (1) Discussions - held with each offeror within competitive range, disparate treatment, tailored discussions
     15.306 (d) (3) New Discussions - meaningful or misleading
     15.306 (d) (4) Elimination from competitive range after discussions
     15.306 (e) Discussions - Limits on exchanges, unequal
     15.307 Final proposal revision 
     15.308 New Source selection/tradeoff decision
     15.404 Proposal analysis - Contract pricing, reasonableness, realism analysis
     15.404-1 (g) Unbalanced pricing
     15.505 Preaward Debriefings
     15.506 Postaward Debriefings
     15.507 Protests and debriefings - Disclosure of prices
     15.607 Unsolicited proposals
     15.608 Prohibitions:  Use of data from unsolicited proposals

Types of Contracts

     16.103 Negotiating contract type
     16-2 New Fixed-price contracts
     16.301-3 New Adequacy of contractor’s accounting system
     16.500 Federal Supply Schedule orders, unlike FASA task orders, may be protested
     16.501-2 New General.
     16.503 Requirements contracts - consideration
     16.504 (a) Indefinite quantity contracts - Guaranteed Minimum
     16.504 (c) Indefinite-quantity contracts - Multiple award preference
     16.505 (a) New Indefinite-quantity contracts, task orders, beyond scope - Protests
     16.505 (b) New Indefinite-quantity contracts - Orders under multiple-award contracts, fair opportunity, pricing
     16.506 Expiration of FSS Contract, task orders

Special Contracting Methods

     17.206 Evaluation of options
     17.207 New Exercise of options

Small Business Programs

     19.101 New Joint Venture - Ostensible Subcontractor, Affiliate, etc.
     19.102 (f) New Small business - set aside - domestic, non-domestic product
     19.202-6 Determination of fair market price
     19.3 Small business status determination
     19.303 New Determining NAICS codes and size standards
     19.502 New  Set aside for small business decision
     19.602 New Certificate of Competency
     19.704 Subcontracting Plan Requirements
     19.803 New Selecting acquisitions for 8(a) program
     19.805 New Competitive 8(a)
     19.1102 Use of price evaluation factor


New HUBZone Program
     19.1405 New Service-disabled veteran-owned small business set-aside procedures
Service Contract Act


     22.1006 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.
      22.11 Professional Employee Compensation
Protection of Privacy and Freedom of Information
     24.2 Freedom of Information Act - Trade secrets, commercial, financial information, reverse auction

Foreign Acquisition

     25.001 (a) New Buy American Act
     25.001 (a) New The Berry Amendment (10 U. S. C. § 2533(a))
     25.4 Trade Agreements Act
Other Socioeconomic Programs
     26.2 Disaster or Emergency Assistance Activities
Patents, Data, and Copyrights
     27 Patents, Data, and Copyrights

Bonds and Insurance

     28.101 New Bid guarantees
CAS Program Requirements
     30.2 Contract Requirements
Adequate Funding
     32.702 Adequate Funding

Research and Development Contracting

     35.003 New Contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements, other transactions
     35.106 Broad agency announcements
Construction and Architect -- Engineer Contracts
     36.101 Clauses Applicable to Construction & Supplies
     36.3 New Two-Phase Design-Build Selection Procedures
     36.6 New Architect - Engineer Services
     49.402-6 New Reprocurement

Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses

     52.214-19 Contract award - Sealed bidding - Construction
     52.215-9023 DLAD Clause Reverse Auctions
     52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting
     52.222-46 Evaluation of Compensation for Professional Employees

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Listed by Specific Law

Military Housing Privatization Initiative

     10 U.S.C. 2870 - 2885

Military Housing Privatization
New Small Business Innovation Research

     15 U.S.C. 308 (e) (4)

Small Business Innovation Research Program
National Forest Management Act
     16 U.S.C. 472a Sale of timber at appraised value
National Park Service Concessions Management Improvement Act of 1998, (16 U.S.C. § 5951)
     16 U.S.C. 5952 Award of concessions contracts
Randolph-Sheppard Act

     20 U.S.C. § 107

Randolph-Sheppard Act
New Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986, as amended, (Security Act) 
     22 U.S.C. 4852 "United States persons" and "qualified United States joint venture persons"
Foreign Service Buildings Act of 1926, as amended.  (Percy Amendment, 22 U.S.C. 302)

     22 U.S.C. 302

10 percent price reduction for American-owned offerors
Foreign Relations Authorization Act for FYs 1990-1991 (22 U.S.C. § 4864)
     22 U.S.C. § 4864(c)(3) Price preference for U. S. persons and qualified U. S. joint venture persons
Buy Indian Act
     25 U.S.C.  § 47 Buy Indian Act
Pubic Buildings Service
     40 U.S.C 3307 Congressional approval of proposed projects
Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act

     42 U.S.C. 5150

A firm residing or doing business primarily in the designated set-aside location
Oceans Act of 1992

     46 U.S.C. App. 292 Notes

Nonapplicability to Certain Vessels


Bona Fide Needs Rule
Public Laws

Rules & Tools

Small Business